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Branding, packaging, point of sale, digital assets, publications, exhibition design

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

Packaging, point of sale and publication design for the BioPak product range and their clients, including Campos, Qantas, Espresso Di Manfredi and Coles. BioPak is a manufacturer and distributor of disposable environmental packaging.

2. Result

The BioPak product range and packaging design reflects the highest standards of environmental packaging, using plant based materials for manufacturing and printing. The design of the range clearly identifies the product type using brand and colour while integrating the technical specifications which separate these products from competitors.

3. Experience

The design of BioPak packaging, cartons, point of sale and publications is visible within retail and wholesale distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Project Details

Client: BioPak

Location: Sydney, Australia

Online: http://biopak.com.au/

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